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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Treasure

The Squire--Frank Cass

Frank Cass points to the initials WC that his grandson Willard carved on the tree.  The same tree he once carved something on as well.

Below is a nostalgic poem by the Squire probably written at the end of the 19th C. because Allen is mentioned, so still at home and working the farm.

Composed by F.S. Cass

The Old Cass Run

By the little waters brink
Where the horses used to drink
And the bridge I used to play
Where the muskrats used to stay

Every day the Fish would play
In what we called the bay
And every day the shinning sun
Shone down on Cass Run

And we fed the fishes hay
And twas fun to see them play
For they would skip and run
And weed (sic) shoot them with a gun.

In the summer when twas hot
You see the busy Bee
And Allen in the Hammock
neath the old pine tree.*

With Joel’s** at a distance
His house is on a ridge
And Jim Smith he’s a fishing
Down by the old Iron Bridge

When I used to go there
Ide (sic) sometimes take a stroll
And see the fishes
In the Old Snake Hole***

Allen got an Engine
And cut fodder by the hour
He said it worked some better
Thank the Old Tread Power

Now I’m getting Lonesome.
I don’t have any fun
I would like to go back up there
On the Old Cass Run.

* As in Lone Pine Farm

** Joel Harrington

***This was the name of the watering hole left by Pliny Cass' Mill that I mentioned the other day.

1 comment:

  1. I love that we are descended from a hard-nosed, no nonsense gentleman farmer who basically ran the county hence the nickname "Squrie" yet was such a softy that he wrote poetry.