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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Day in the Life of Diana

During our morning phone call Diana started relating what her Thursday had been like in Allen Cass Diary-speak. Obviously, we had to share.

(Aged NOYDB)
Wea.  Florida Hot                                        THU. MAY 26, 2011               Ther.  84.7

In A.M. had the mother of all hot flashes. Burned three loads of dead leaves in redneck fire pit. Termite estimate for tenting is what was expected.

In P.M. Drew three loads of cat manure out of the litter box. Cussed out customer service man from health insurance company. Went up to Target.   Had a fine time.

Redneck fire pit


  1. Now that's my kinda day & succinct journaling Miss Diana! Thanks for the update ;-)

  2. Dear Anonymous:

    Today's entry was a little better: In AM rode bike down to gator park where a one alarm fire was well under way in the trash dumpster. Saw baby gator swimming by the bridge and stopped to say hello. Went to Clearwater beach. Gossiped like an old hen with my fellow lady friends. Ate at the Columbian Restaurant. White Sangria must be have medicinal proprieties because I. FEEL. GREAT. Off to a Rays game after a little cat nap. Back to work tomorrow. Today not so much.