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Saturday, February 4, 2012


There has been a break-through on the Luella front.  Thanks to everyone who has been rifling files for me but especially thanks to June for actually having Luella's obituary. 

 So Miss Luella was a Springer which begs the question, was Mary Cass married or not to Perry Springer?  This obit suggests she was but then did she really get divorced?  Was this truly a possibility for her?  Luella was born in 1884, Perry was married to Lottie in 1887 and they had their twins Erie and Erwin early 1888 which was coincidentally the year Mary Cass married Gilbert Eccles. 

Also, why does the obit say Mary Cass Springer when she was Mary Cass Eccles for many years leading up to her death.  If she was a Springer it would have been for 3 years maximum --just long enough to get pregnant, get married and realize their ill-suited temperaments.  Because face it, Mary was meant for Gib.  They had 6 boys together and seemed very jolly in Allen's diaries.  They were always together and calling in on their kin. 

As an interesting aside from cousin Patsy, Mary would have had ample opportunity for a romance with Perry Springer because his family's farm was next door to Adeline and Josiah Eccles' farm.  Ada was Mary's older sister by 7 years.  Saying that, this was not Allen and Alice marrying at the dawn of their 20s, Mary was no spring chicken when she fell pregnant (two things strike me here, I have clearly decided the baby Luella precipitated the marriage and I love the hilarity of the phrase "fell pregnant" as if Mary quite innocently tripped and landed on...okay). Mary was 28.  If you're an Austenophile, you'll realize it was only 70 years earlier than this that Anne Elliot was considered quite past it at 27 in Persuasion.

Now I'm looking for information on a mysterious first marriage for Miss Luella at the tender age of 17.

I know I've published this already but it couldn't hurt to show my latest muse one more time.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Come and Gone

Picture of the Day

It is hard to believe that Concorde has come and gone in such a short time frame.  This photograph was taken in the late 90's in Windsor, UK as the plane was presumably returning to Heathrow from JFK since I think I see landing gear.  In any event, life moves pretty fast with or without SST.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Thayer School

Picture of the Day

Thayer Dist-- Town of Carroll - Frewsburg, NY

Frank Cass - Trustee
Nora Babcock - Teacher (married)

School stood in meadow on bend (left) toward Kennedy on Rt. 62 (Frewsburg/Kennedy Rd).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old Barn

Picture of the Day

Can anyone explain to me why we let barns rot to the ground in the US?  There must be a very good reason but I don't know it.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Cold & Windy Days

Age 71
Helped do the chores.  Fenton Prittie was here in the P.M.

Age 72
I did not do much.

Age 73
We all went over to Allen’s but Morris.  Willard started back to Albany.

Age 74
Nora went to town.  Rollie went back to Dunkirk.

Age 75

Allen and Dorothy were here.  The Doctor said I could go out doors now.

Age 76
Cold and Windy.  the fire whistle blew to day and the Dr. McCulla House on Pearl Street had caught a fire but it was put out. 

Age 77
Cold and Windy.

Age 78
Went to town with Willard got the money on the Abbey Note and paid my taxes here on the two Houses $103.20.

Age 79
Nora and I rode up to Ivory to church with Linn Taylor + wife, Ruth called and said good bye she was going to Canastota.

Age 80
Lawrence + Luella called.

Thoughts: Frank seemed to have a strong relationship with his eldest grandchild Willard.  He was going to law school in Albany.

Lawrence and Luella are the Washburgs.  I am still trying to find out more about Luella--who her biological father was, her marriage to Gib Eccles and her second one to Lawrence Washburg.