Wedding Wednesday - Walter & Addie

Second time around...

This invitation is nearly timeless.  If it weren't for the date printed on it showing it to be 122 years old you may believe it just arrived today.  Diana thinks we're related to Julia Carpenter--but neither of us knows of the connection.  Julia was to married Elial Carpenter--an ax maker.  They had 3 children that I can find-- Belle, Frank and Addie who was born about 1857.  Sadly, Elial was killed in 1864 in the Bermuda Hundred Campaign of the Civil War.  Addie could barely have known him. However, she did name her only child after him.

Addie first married a man named Catlin when she was about 20 years-old.  They had a son Elial Catlin but were divorced by the time Elial was 2 years old.  I don't know what became of the father because I believe Elial was raised with Walter Frink (the groom) as his father figure.  Addie didn't have any other children but Elial married a woman named Marion and they had an Elial of their own in 1913.  I am fairly sure this Elial, who passed away in 1998, has relatives still in the area.


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