110th Wedding Anniversary of Frank Warn and Irma Bunce

Faces to Names

Frank Warn and Irma Bunce get many individual mentions in Allen's diaries.  Frank was Alice's first cousin but he seems to have been one of Allen's closest friends as well.  Irma is literally the girl-next-door to Allen.  The Bunce farm was just around the corner from the Cass farm.  Thanks to our new-found cousin De Warn, we are able to put faces to these names and share their wedding photo with you today.

Frank Warn and Irma Bunce April 24, 1901

Frank and Irma were married 4 months after Allen and Alice who were married on Christmas Day, 1900.  However, Frank and Irma weren't actually married on Easter Sunday, in 1901 Easter fell on April 7th.   


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