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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Diana as Bridesmaid

Sometimes you can't blame the dress on the really comes down to the taste of the bride and if she really likes you or just needs you.  Tema was upgraded in a wedding once from 0 to 100. She became Maid of Honor after the bride's cousin refused to wear pink  as the bride had requested and turned up instead in orange. 



The UGLY goes hand -in -hand with the bad in this case.  As Diana says she "looked like a giant Crayola Crayon" and not even a pretty one at that.



  1. The 1980s called, and asked if they could have Molly Ringwald back...

  2. The whole thing says baaad '80s....

  3. OMG It is not my fault. And I am holding my mouth in a funny way. And, and, and, I didn't want to be in that wedding anyway. Look at the first photo where I am with the bride. I so pretty. Bride so pretty. We look well put together. I don't know what the hell that green dress was about. Somewhere I have a group photo of the wedding party. And it ain't pretty.

  4. Chris Marshall KropfSeptember 1, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    OMG!! I wore that same crayon....just in a little bit different style!!

  5. I just showed this to the girls and Alice said "You look like an oversized toddler from a family Christmas photo.