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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Skyview of the Cass and Bunce Farms

Thanks to our cousin De Warn for sharing his photo of an aerial view of Valley Gate Farm.  His grandparents were Frank Warn and Irma Bunce!

Photo taken by DeForest Warn in June 1958

Valley Gate Farm is marked by the barn on the left half of the photo.  The road to the left of the barn is the Bunce Road and Irma's childhood farm was first on the left.


  1. My name is Michelle (Lindstrom) Pitts & I just wanted to let you know how neat I think this blog is! My grandparents bought this farm in the 1940's & my family lives here now. My grandparents were Carl & Leone (Long) Lindstrom, who grew up in Ivory. We have renovated the farm in the past ten years & have come across some really neat things from long ago! Thanks for doing this blog!

  2. Hi Michelle: Thank you for sharing this with us. It is wonderful to know that the house is still standing and that you have renovated it and kept it modern. Are you farming the land? Is the barn still standing? Did you grow up in Frewsburg? I love this photo for so many reasons but one of the best is that it is summer and summer was amazing with the lush, green grass and the fresh corn from the fields. Hope to post many more photos of the house in the very near future. Thanks again to our cousin De Warn for the beautiful photo.

  3. So glad Valley Gate is loved to this day! We've never actually been inside either farmhouse which was confused in the Post article. Maybe some day we can visit and change that. Thanks for letting us know you enjoy the blog. It seems the farm has been in your family longer than ours!

  4. Michelle, Are you related to France Long?

  5. Michelle Lindstrom PittsFebruary 25, 2011 at 7:23 AM

    Hi All- I'm not sure - but would imagine that we're related to France Long....My grandma is a Long....and grew up about a mile from the Ivory Baptist church. Her parents were Victor & Sarah Long. We also know De Warn very well & go to church with them. The house is very much like it was way back then....we've updated it of course. The "big barn" has since fallen down & is now pasture. My grandparents, dad & his two sisters & a brother used the big barn but now we have a small barn close to the creek. We would love for you to visit sometime...maybe I'll get you some pictures from throughout the years & this the best way to keep in touch?

  6. You can reach me (Jennifer) at for now. We are moving the blog to another host site soon so our e-mail will change. Obviously, we won't leave anyone behind and it will be clear when we do go and where we end up.

    Saying that, we'd love any pics and info you'd like to share privately or posted--it is entirely up to you. And I think I found France Long--she was Frances and she was part of the Ivory Baptist Church in the very beginning. She must be yours somehow. I'm hoping to figure out a way to post family trees or give access somehow. It is fun to see the spider web of connection. But such charts don't post well. :-(

  7. I own VALLEY GATE FARM now i would really like to know more about the history of valley gate.Can anyone help ? SCOTT JONES

  8. Sure! We'd love to tell you what we know. Contact me at so I have your e-mail to correspond with you.

    Meanwhile there are plenty of photographs for you to see in the Checkered Chicken archives.

    Hope to hear from you soon.