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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

Helen Adams (nee Jackson) lived across the street from my grandmother Mabel.  Her brother was Robert H. Jackson Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court and Chief Prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials.  Although I didn't know Helen well I can remember my Dad and I popping over to say hello some years after Gram had died.  Dad and I had been trying to sort out our family ephemera and the history of our house before 1929 when Gram bought it.  I also thought this was my one chance to ask a primary source about Gram's first husband David Berg.

My Dad was a funny old one some times.  Helen got so far as to tell me "no one understood why Gram married him"  and I asked how he died.  We had thought it was a car accident but Helen seemed to recall he was killed while felling trees on his family farm.   I still don't know for sure because Dad got all flustered and cut me off saying  "Jay-sus Christ, we don't care about him". 

I reckon there was always a little boy in Dad that didn't want to think of his mother with anyone but his father.  The conversation moved elsewhere. 

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