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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Smiles

A long, long time ago, back before we knew any better-- ahem-- Diana put a picture of her wee Alice in a baby contest...held in a shopping mall.  Yes, she is holding a "cutest baby trophy" and naturally she was.  That said, the trophy cost her Aunt Jen $20 in purchased votes.  Alice was the first born and we were all mad about her.  When I say our world revolved around her that is not hyperbole.  Everything was done with thoughts to Alice.

So, not only did I buy the trophy (though that isn't how it was skewed when it was awarded, it is just what dawned on us as a post-win reality check) but I bought both dresses Alice was photographed in.  I'm happy to say that our undisciplined indulgence has mellowed and our children seem to be surviving us quite successfully. :-)

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