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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hard to say Hattie

A Day in the Life: November 28th

(Aged 15)

Wea.                                             SAT. NOV. 28, 1896               Ther.

Grandma, Rollie + I all went up to Unkle Gib’s.  They are fixing the windmill.

(Aged 17)
Wea.                                             MON. NOV. 28, 1898               Ther.

Drove to school.  Luella rode down with me.  Played football.

(Aged 18)

Wea.                                             TUE. NOV. 28, 1899               Ther.

Got two school houses and billed them.  In eve went up to Eldred’s and stayed all night.

(Aged 19)
Wea.                                              WED. NOV. 28, 1900                 Ther.

Went to factory in the A.M.  Harold Wilson came down and we went hunting.  Mrs. Warn came up.

(Aged 20)

Wea.                                              THU. NOV. 28, 1901                Ther.

Andrew, his wife, Ruth, Pa, Ma, Rollie, Grandma, Luella, Pearle + Will Drayton were here to dinner.  Pearle went home with her folks.

(Aged 21)
Wea.                                               FRI.  NOV. 28, 1902             Ther.

Tore down the old house on 3 cornered lot + drew most of it over.  In eve Pa + Ma came over.


Editor's Note:  I think the old house on the 3 cornered lot was part of the remnants of Judd Cass's old mill.  Still amused that he refers to his mother-in-law as Andrew (and) his wife nd the previous year she is Mrs. Warn who has come to make wedding plans I'm sure. Hattie, Hattie, Hattie.  Her name was Hattie.


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