Wedding Wednesday - Bridesmaids

Not counting my sister, my oldest friend in the world is Lori.  We met at the hedge between her house and my Grandma Nye's the week my parents separated and we moved in with Gram.  That was 1970.  Throughout the years we have remained a constant in each other's lives though time may pass between calls and geographic distance keeps changing we can and always have counted on each other.  It is remarkable to have someone in your life that knows everything and loves you all the more.

As children we promised to live together in a big city when we were older.  We thought Boston sounded nice but we actually ended up in New York City.  While living in NYC together in our early 20s, we made another lifelong friend in Tema.  Weddings through the years:

At Lori's sister Michelle's wedding.  Digging the Bon Jovi hair on Lori and clearly digging the open bar.  Diana is behind Lori on the left.  Diana caught every bouquet she went for, Michelle's was no different. Quite spectacularly, Diana caught it mid air, landed in a heap under a banquet table but came up smiling.

Finally, Diana's collection paid off well

At Diana's wedding singing "How Do You Know?"  Lori far left; Tema second from right
Diana and Bill celebrate 20 years this year!

Lori and me in Barbados at her wedding--my turn for the BAD hair.  It was not as "Grace Kelly" as I had hoped.

Lori and Craig celebrate 10 years this year!
At my wedding the following year--Tema, Me, Diana and Lori and my nieces.

Lori and I attend Tema as she marries Jeff

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