Photo Fantasy Friday

This is my sister-in-law, Polly Leavengood, around 1970. Born and raised in Florida she has a totally different mindset about life than I do. I doubt she has ever owned long underwear. Polly has always had a passion for living and has never let anyone tell her what to do. About 16 months ago Polly presented at stage 4 cancer. Needless to say it was a brutal few months for us all. Well, Polly has defied the odds and her doctors. Currently, she is undergoing another round of chemo but the cancer has hardly broken her stride. She is in constant pursuit of all the things she loves: bridge, poker, pool, helping others, busting my chops, etc. In the past year I have become closer to her then I have ever been. I am only sorry it took this tragedy for us to get to this level of friendship. That is why I chose this picture for today. I would love to be on the boat with Polly when she was in full health and the world was at her feet. Of course, I only would have been six and my bikini didn't rock it like hers does. In fact there was only a small window of rocking bikini opportunity for me around 1991-92. Sigh. But those legs. Those legs are hereditary gold and we are pretty sure both our daughters have them. Bill has them. Polly is a total Florida girl. And as I write this she is out driving around doing fun stuff today because she decided that she is going to live on her terms. How many of us truly do that?

Have a beautiful weekend.



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