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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today's Treasure

This sampler was made for our grandmother Mabel Cass by a former student Betty Cowden whom she taught at the one-room school house in Poland, NY during her first year teaching.  Our Grandma was 20 years-old and Betty was about 10 in 1926.  Betty made this for Mabel in 1973--I think it's safe to assume our grandmother was a well-loved teacher to inspire such a gift nearly 50 years later.


  1. How fabulous!!!!!!!!

  2. What a talented woman to remember all the details of that era, the houses,, the gardens, the pot bellied stove. the math, the details o f the boat, the bridge and clouds. I'm in awe. Your grandmother left a mark on this young girl's life that was life changing obviously. God bless the good teachers.