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Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Fantasy Friday

The Chess Maven and Her Family

L-R Donald Nye, Sandra Nye, Carl Nye, Carla Nye, Catherine Nye, Andrew Nye

It was our Grandmother Catherine Nye who was the chess maven.  Funny that she was unwittingly sexist for being such a liberal woman.  She never taught her granddaughters chess -only her grandsons and I wonder that her daughters knew from this photo since it is her boys who are playing.  I don't understand this photo because I never knew my grandparents when they were still married to each other.  I feel like there are underlying tensions which is why I would love to walk into the frame and try to figure out everyone's dynamic.  I don't think my mom looks happy and Aunt Carla is posed ever so thoughtfully that it is stiff.  Grandma was larger than life and the true head of the family I knew growing up so I find it funny she is so little in this picture and Grandpa is the main focus.

I would love to take a seat at the table and demand what I should have 35 years ago: please teach me to play chess.  Oh, and I'd also like to know the name of Mom's doll.


  1. Love this. I wonder where that table is at. And Uncle Andy's sailor suit. Carla was a poser. I love her hand gesture. Nice job Jenny!

  2. There is an article about your grandmother at

  3. Your grandmother seems to have been pretty significant in the history of organized chess in New York, and a history blogger on dug up some old newspaper articles: .

  4. Kate was very important to the history of Chess. The blogger in question taught me nothing new. Not so strange and not so sad a story though. Actually, quite interesting.