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Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Fantasy Friday

Sweet Sixteen

Mabel Alice Cass:  Sweet Sixteen (?)

Very small question mark on the 16 and not at all on the sweet.  No question about Mabel's sweetness.  And I'm guessing her age based on other photos and her birthday is in April which times with the blossom.  The next question is Cherry or Dogwood?  The flowers look big for Cherry but I don't remember many Dogwoods around either and I have made that mistake before.

Obviously, my opinion is biased but I think I would have loved the young Mabel as much as I did her older version.  She looks like a "ripping girl" good for many laughs (because sometimes the British have more descriptively accurate phrases and Mabel was an Anglophile).  Her dress is gorgeous!  Wish I knew what color it was.  I wouldn't have minded being her BFF and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans, sharing confidences and clothes!

We plan to post transcriptions of some of Mabel's memories in the near future so you can know her a little better and the cowgirl she aspired to be.

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