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Frank Cass' first trip to the theater was an amazing one.  He witnessed a wonderful piece of American theatrical history when he saw "Urlina: An African Princess" starring  The Hyers Sisters.  The sisters were well-known African American performers of the late 1800s.  

The only thing that doesn't jibe is the date.  Frank records the year as 1878 but other sources say it debuted in 1879.  I'm wondering if, like some Broadway Shows, they first opened on the road to work out the kinks?  Frank would have been 27 years old and Elmer would have been 40. Elmer's real name was actually Hiram Elmer Thayer son of Hiram Evelyn Thayer whose house was part of the Underground Railroad.

Anna Madah as Urlina found here
Louise Emma found here

Sept 28th 1878

Went over to Elmer Thayer's + then went with him to Jamestown.  Took the Jamestown steamer for Lake View to see Boat race came back to Town and went to this Theater the first one I ever attended.



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