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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Smiles

How to Quickly Clear a Pool

Bear in mind, I am completely aware of the low grade of these photos.  However, they illustrate one of Bill's favorite stories to tell on me.  In 1992, Diana and Bill packed up their belongings and put their two young cats Memphis and Charleston on a plane to Bill's sister in LA.  They were leaving New York City and heading to California for good.  They planned to take a romantic cross-country drive but I could not be left out of a road trip so I pushed my way into the back of their brand new Saturn and off we went. This was the trip of the Vegas wedding, this was the trip of all sorts of great and horrid moments.

By the time we got outside of Chicago Diana was regretting my presence.  She was so angry that I had been given a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal from the friend we stayed with in Chicago.  She was not jealous, she does not feel for the Crunch as I do but she felt there was no room for it as well as me in the car.  I can't lie, I was forced to hold the big box of cereal on my lap we were so crammed into our allotted space. (Think 2" less than what you get in Economy Class).

Eventually, Diana agreed to take a turn in the back seat.  To my regret, I didn't move the box out of her way fast enough.  Diana had zero patience for her new surroundings and before I knew it my Cap'n was put out at the side of the road and Bill roared away oblivious to the situation.   I was was in shock over this injustice and Diana was self-righteously indignant.  The only thing to soothe the conflict was a few seventy-five cent drafts in a Dubuque dive that had jackalope heads hanging above the bar. 

But I digress.  In South Dakota I bought a pair of cowboy boots in a Western gear store and a fringed jacket for $1.75 in a thrift store.  I was going through a phase and I thought I was the bees knees. However, the coat had bald patches where some fringe was missing and the cowboy boots were not that comfortable.  They actually pinched my big toe so badly it became somewhat inflamed. 

My toe worsened and I stopped wearing the boots.  Since I'm not one to suffer in silence Diana and Bill were made aware of my toe trouble and given regular reports from the backseat (I never got to sit up front again on that trip).  Somewhere outside of Denver there is a hot spring and we stopped to take the waters.  It was wonderfully warm and soothing especially on my foot.  Though the pictures don't show it, there were a number of people there that day but I cleared the pool when I innocently asked Bill:

Do You think the water is good for my infection?

Bill and Diana in our newly private spa.



  1. I love this story.

  2. I cannot believe I would do anything so cruel as to abandon your box of captain crunch on the side of the rode. Just remember years later who spent $45.00 to mail you two boxes of the Cap'n along with some jars of peanut butter to England. Merry Christmas. How soon we forget the kindness but hold onto the tresspasses.

  3. Susan Kimball also sent me peanut butter and Lori carried the Crunch over the ocean to hand it to me in person. I was well provided for by many treasured peeps.