Better Put a Ring On It

A Day in the Life: October 28th

(Aged 14)
Wea.                                           WED. OCT. 28, 1896               Ther.

Went to school.

(Aged 16)
Wea.                                             FRI. OCT. 28, 1898               Ther.

Drove to school.  Luella rode home with me.

(Aged 17)
Wea.                                             SAT. OCT. 28, 1899               Ther.

Worked all day cleaning out barn + handling baskets.  Rained all day.  In eve went to Brocton with the gang. 

(Aged 18)
Wea.                                              SUN. OCT. 28, 1900                 Ther.

Stayed at home in A.M.   In P.M. took Alice out for a drive got home at 10 P.M.  We picked out the ring.  Price $9.50. X

(Aged 19)
Wea.                                              MON. OCT. 28, 1901                Ther.

W. Peterson + I went over to Granis Mill after lumber got 1609ft of hemlock.  Chas Woodworth went today.  Will plowed.

(Aged 20)
Wea.                                               TUE.  OCT. 28, 1902                Ther.

Drew butter 35 tubs.  Gail plowed after I got home.  In eve Alice + I went up to the opera.  Play was J. Adams Sawyer.

(Aged 21)
Wea.                                              WED.  OCT. 28, 1903                  Ther.

Thrashed oats had 270 bushels. (exhausted/shaky hand)


Editor's Note:  Is it at all surprising there is an X on the day they bought "the ring".  Still it is amusing that he is mean as a wet cat one day and the next is choosing the ring.  I really think he was still stunned to be caught by true love and still coming to terms with how what he wants will change his life.

I have hit a wall in the drama department and can find no such play as J. Adams Sawyer.

In 1903 he has thrashed himself weak it seems if his handwriting is anything to go by.



  1. Current data is only available till 2010.

    In 2010, the relative worth of
    $9.50 from 1900 is:

    $254.00 using the Consumer Price Index
    $217.00 using the GDP deflator
    $1,140.00 using the unskilled wage
    $1,830.00 using the Production Worker Compensation
    $1,650.00 using the nominal GDP per capita
    $6,710.00 using the relative share of GDP



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