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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Researching Career Options

A Day in the Life:  September 17th

(Aged 14)
Wea.                                            THU. SEPT. 17, 1896               Ther.

I rode my wheel to school.

(Aged 16)
Wea.                                            SAT. SEPT. 17, 1898                 Ther.

Went to factory then stayed at home all day.  Pa + Ma went to town.  In eve went over to Littlefield’s to see Frank Warn.

(Aged 17)
Wea.                                             SUN. SEPT. 17, 1899                 Ther.


(Aged 18)
Wea.                                              MON. SEPT. 17, 1900               Ther.

Went to school with Gordon.  Wrote a letter to Alice also one to the Veterinary Science Association.
Vintage ad found here.

(Aged 19)
Wea.                                              TUE. SEPT. 17, 1901                Ther.

Helped Arnie Shaw cut ensiledge about 10 hours.

(Aged 20)
Wea.                                               WED.  SEPT. 17, 1902             Ther.

Drew stone for silo.  Traded cows with Jim Scudder.

(Aged 21)
Wea.                                              THU.  SEPT. 17, 1903                 Ther.



Editor's Note:   It is my belief that Allen was looking into Veterinary Science because of Alice.  Unfortunately, his journals don't discuss his hopes and dreams like I wish they did.  But we know from his July letter to Alice that he had considered law as a career too.  He wasn't interested when his pa made the suggestion but along comes Alice and buoys Allen up.  Alice saw great potential in her man and wanted him to fulfill it.  Mild-mannered Alice Warn was simply trying to lay a solid foundation for her future guiding Allen whether he knew it or not.  He probably wrote to Alice that night to proudly tell her he had started looking into the VSA. 

Of course, Allen may simply have had a question about a sick cow. 


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