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Friday, August 12, 2011

I Love Answers! Thank You :-)

I received a lovely email from June Burgett answering my questions on "City of New York".

It seems "City of New York" was likely an excursion boat as referenced in the book "Along Chautauqua Lake" .   According to June "This book says the boat was built in Mayville in1880 and began as the John F. Moulan.  She was renamed Nightengale in l887, Mohawk in 1889, and became the City of New York in 1892.  She was 132 feet long and had a beam of 26 feet.  Rebuilt three times, she was the largest boat on the lake after the City of Chicago burned in 1903.  It was at Celoron Park that City of New York burned to the waterline on Aug. 29, 1926. "

This book has several picture postcards of the boat and, though I have not seen them yet, I'm sure one included is this one found at the Chautauqua County Historical Society website.

"Chances are Allan and Alice rode on the boat from Jamestown, or back to.  Could have been a very romantic moonlight ride!"--I couldn't agree more.

June also enlightened me about where Allen would most likely have spent the night--in the livery stable with his horse as her father used to do.



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