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Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Fantasy Friday

The Young Aesthete
Richard Cass Lucas

Today's photo fantasy comes to us courtesy of our cousin Phyllis whose father, Rollin Cass, was a master photographer. This is a hand-colored photo of our father Dick Lucas somewhere around the age of 12-14. It's hard to tell and in true Cass fashion there is neither a date nor a place given. But we love it anyhow. I would love to walk into this photo carrying a picnic basket full of goodies and plop down next to the river with my Dad and have a talk. I would ask him what he was thinking when this photo was taken and what his hopes and dreams for the future were at this tender age. If anyone knows where this might have been taken please tell us.


Editor's Note: When Diana first showed me this photo I couldn't help but think: Ruskin by Millais.

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