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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Roundup for 1896

What you might not know:

In 1896, the Cass family owned two farms.  “Lone Pine” on the corner of Kennedy and Page Roads where the family had been since the early part of the 19th Century and “Valley Gate” which Frank had  built on the Ivory Road.  You could just about look across the fields from one farm to the other.  During this year it seems the Cass family rented out “Lone Pine” to James Anderson starting in March and Grandma (Diantha Woodward Cass) who had been in "Lone Pine" took up residence in “Valley Gate”. 

Don’t forget to visit the “Cast of Characters” section of the Checkered Chicken (always under construction) to find out who people were!

This is your January Roundup for 1896 in the form of a word cloud representing the most important things in Allen's life based on the frequency he uses each word:

Not surprising for a 14-year-old who only just started wearing long pants to school.

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