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Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Clue to Luella's Story

My sister and trusty co-blogger/photo archivist has produced another puzzle piece to figuring out  the beginning and trajectory of Luella Eccles' life.

It would seem that Mary Cass was either briefly married to a man named Springer prior to marrying Gilbert Eccles which is totally possible since there is a family of the name Springer in the area or perhaps she didn't marry him at all.  I have not ascertained who might be the man of interest (read baby daddy) since one was already married and the other never did.  Are you with me?  Was our poor Mary left at the altar and saved by Gilbert Eccles?  Or was she widowed like I believe Gilbert was?  Where is the Maury Pauvich of the 19th Century?

I have no record of this mystery marriage between Mary Cass and (?)  Springer but it would totally explain why Gilbert could marry Luella in time for the 1920 census.  He really was just her Woody Allen and not her biological father.  Still, tongues must have wagged.

Luella's story is far from over for us and I am tracking down another lead on her life post-Gilbert.  So stay tuned and enjoy her pretty face.

Luella Eccles

Back of photo in Mabel Cass Lucas' hand


  1. This one is a mystery and I am sure that someone, somewhere knows what is going on. If only we had to the money to do some serious DNA testing.

  2. Why? You worried there be pirate blood running in yer veins?

  3. Dear Anonymous:

    Pirate blood is the least of my worries. I fear I am a direct descendant of the Cardiff Giant and should that prove true then boy howdy what will the neighbors say?