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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Un Incident Technique

 With Myrna Loy the globetrotting teddy bear.

Taking in the breeze on the stairs down

Apparently, there was an "technical incident" at the Eiffel Tower leaving only one elevator in use so there is a two hour wait to get up.  I think it will be that way all summer so bit of a bummer.  But we stuck it out and even walked down.



  1. I weep for your daily Paris challenges. Not. I went for a walk in Ft. DeSoto and was taken down by an errant mangrove branch. Wow. Have large cut on my neck. But had a delightful dip in the sea.

  2. I'm not complaining sunshine. I'm having a pretty awesome experience. Read your e-mail before you get too uppity. Anyway, very sorry you were hurt but thank goodness you live by warm salt water to take the pain away. xo

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. My traveling companion also sent me an e-mail today with some things to take care of now before we leave. It's Frenchy Thursday, apparently. Your pictures are great!