Fatigue Du Musee

Or something quite similar.  We're hitting a wall on the art tour.  Elle even became quite sad about a statue of a woman holding her lover's severed head.  Can't blame her.  Nudes schmudes though. The kid is fine with all that--even had a good laugh over fig leaves and learned about circumcision.  She does not even question (aloud anyway) why the woman is naked at the picnic on the grass.  The only time she was shocked was at the postcard rack when right at her eye level was Ruskin's worst nightmare.  Just took her by surprise after all the smiling Renoirs, I suppose. 

Musee D'Orsay


  1. I hope you bought me that postcard of which you speak. I use to have the world's greatest collection of museum postcards. I don't know what happened to them and I'd like to rebuild my collection please. Thanks. Love the photo. Are you taking these with your iphone?


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