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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ella to Her Boys

 Thursday 15, 1886

Dear children
how do you do I am well and hope you all are the same. to day is Johny’s birth day he is 6 years old. i hear from you most every day some one goes by here from there every little while but I thought I would write and let you know I handnt forgot you.  When does your school commence and who teaches?  Alvah if your pa will let you children have some maple sugar I will send you some.  Alvah have you got your cards yet please send me one when you write.  Georgie and Mark and Johny and Alvah write to me as as often as you can.  A kiss for you all.  good night.  Be good boys good night.

Thoughts:  Ella's writing seems juvenile compared to George's but perhaps she is writing large and loopy for her children.  I realize it was a different era but she doesn't say she loves her boys,  not directly.  :-(


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