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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Burns Bunch?

I have been studying my photos some more trying to figure out if I actually have one of George Burns.  The photo I originally posted doesn't seem right to me.  His coloring seems too light.  The one below was originally discounted because it was a tintype.  I understand that tintypes were still in use when George was young but why not the one like Lydia's hence my origianl choice. 

 I am certain of the identities of two photos below.  The man top left is a young Alvah Burns, George's eldest son.  I think these men do resemble each other a bit which makes me guess George is the tintype photo.  The woman bottom left is Lydia Losee.  My guess for her mother Anna is bottom right. Do we think we have a good match?


Top L-R George; Alvah Burns
Bottom: L-R Anna; Lydia Burns


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