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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Passing of Unkle Gib

Frank Cass' Journal
Age 71

Rollie went up to Ivory to a Farmer’s Institute.  Willard started back to Ann Arbor College.  Gilbert Eccles died aged 81 years.

Age 72

Made a reach for Rollie’s Sleds.  Rollie drew manure.

Age 73

Rollie + Morris drew wood + manure in the forenoon.  Willard was here in the afternoon.  Rollie paid Erie Comstock + Mearle Cowan $40.

Age 74

Got 1350 soft coal.  Drew up deed sent a contract to John A Wheeler for a Village Lot.

Age 75

Rollie + Ester were here part of the day.  Morris went to church + Sunday school.

Age 76

Stormy day.  Rollie and Ester, Hugh and his wife called a while.  Rollie + Esther stayed all night.

Age 77

Stayed at home.

Age 78

Ward Abbey was here and offered me $45 for the 5 stacks of Hay on the hill farm.

Age 79

Allen A. and Ruthie (Rustic’s?)came.  allen stayed with me most of the afternoon.

Age 80

Stayed at home Allen A. called.  He is starting back to Ann Arbor.  (very shakey hand)

Thoughts: We heard so much of Unkle Gib throughout Allen's diaries that it is odd to meet him again here at the end of his life.  There is still a bit of Gib's history that eludes me.  I know Luella wasn't his daughter though he raised her as his.  But after Mary Cass Eccles passed away, he married Luella.  Now something our cousin Patsy Eccles suggested is what I'd like to believe and that is that Gib only married Luella to make sure she got the farm above her brothers.  I doubt very much there was any romantic relationship not even a one-sided, delusional one.  I can't believe Gib could fancy his step-daughter.  He was a very well respected man about town and Luella went on to marry again so the "daughter to wife" leap didn't make her a pariah.  It seems it was an open secret.  I'm hoping the 1940 Census helps me out a little bit.  Counting down for that.


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  1. What an entry for me! The day my greatgrandfather died.... If I am correct with Mary Cass' death date of 1915,she would have left her youngest son (Gilbert W. Eccles, Jr.), my grandfather, when he was only 13 years old. I now realize that Luella must have raised him from that time on. My Grandfather would have been 21 at the time of Gib's death and either already living in Buffalo New York or soon to leave for there. Gilbert W. Eccles, Sr died five years before meeting his grandson, Clayton B. Eccles who was my father. What a day this is for me!