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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"For Humanity's Sake"

A Day in the Life: November 1st

(Aged 14)
Wea.                                           SUN. NOV. 1, 1896               Ther. 

Went over to Aunt Mary Ann’s.  The store was open. Leb was tending it he gave me some candy. Afterwards I bought 5 cents worth.  The roads are fine.   I walked about 15 rds is all.  Went over in 2 hr. 5 min.

(Aged 16)
Wea.                                            TUE. NOV. 1, 1898               Ther.

We got a lecture up in chapel this morning for what we done at the school house last night.  Eat dinner with Erd.  Walked up as far as the top of Caskey’s hill then rode with Glendine Taylor + Mrs. Shaw home from school.

(Aged 17)
Wea.                                             WED. NOV. 1, 1899               Ther.

Worked all day.  Erle Die drove the team today + is going to here after.  McGregor said I could have any job I wanted.  In evening I went down to see Laura Rennard had a fine time.  Made a date with her sister Lizzie for Sat. eve.

(Aged 18)
Wea.                                              THU. NOV. 1, 1900                 Ther.

Went to school with Gordon.  In eve went up to town to hear Teddy speak.  I saw him but didn’t hear him speak.  Alice + I took a drive.  The hired man rode up with me but came back on foot because he didn’t want to wait for me.  Got home at 3.30.

(Aged 19)
Wea.                                              FRI. NOV. 1, 1901                Ther.

Will plowed.   Worked on road drawing gravel up in the sugarbush by Joel’s

(Aged 20)
Wea.                                               SAT.  NOV. 1, 1902             Ther.

In A.M. settled up with Kineston he has cut 3 cd of wood  and about 2 1/4 of bolts.  Paid him about $27.  In P.M. Pa + I went over to Busti to see a bull calf but couldn’t find it. 

(Aged 21)
Wea.                                              SUN.  NOV. 1, 1903                  Ther.

Traded watches with David.


Editor's Note:  Wow, I love newsy days like this when I can piece things together a little bit.  Let's start in 1896--Allen makes his way from Carroll to Corydon, PA in 2 hours.  Now either he hitched a number of rides along the way or I'm misreading his distanced actually walked.  I think he says that he made it with only have to walk about 15 rods which is only 82 yards.  That's not bad.  Again there is a reference to a store.  So I'm thinking it is safe to say the Stryker's owned a general store of some sort down in Corydon.  Perhap's Leb is actually Les which would be short for Leslie Stryker.  Sweet that whomever it was gave Allen candy for his effort.

1898's entry makes the fun had the previous Halloween evening slightly clearer.  At least Allen and Erd did something naughty down at the school house possibly others as well.  While they weren't trick or treating they were up to major mischief.  I notice Allen doesn't describe their activities or say he was specifically called out but he does say "what we done".  So, um, busted. 

In 1899, I thought for a moment that Allen was demoted since he no longer is driving the team but maybe that was the dud job in the first place because McGregor gives Allen a huge vote of confidence telling him he can have ANY job. 

In 1900, Teddy has to be NY governor and vice presidential nominee Teddy Roosevelt campaigning for McKinley's re-election.  McKinley's first vice president, Garret Hobart, died in office in 1899.


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