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Sunday, July 17, 2011

From Your Own True Lover

At Home
July 17, 1900

My own dear Alice;

How  has the world used you for the last two days?  Haven’t lost any shoes have you?  I was very tired last night for we worked very hard but tonight I feel better.  I think I could stand it to be out again if you were around here. 
To night pa got through milking first and Rollie and I were alone in the stable well he was seated upon the shelf and I couced him with mile and I did it up fine too see photo other side.

Scene on the Cass farm at milking time on night of July 17.  Drawn by one who as present.

Isn’t it natural Alice I send this to you so you can see what I was brought up in.  Can you expect much of me.

Rollie:  “Oh Gosh Darn you if you don’t stop I’ll tell pa.”


Well enough of such things now be serious.  Alice do you want to go to the opera tomorrow eve.  I think I can go but am not sure.  If it isn’t a hay-day I can go anyway but if it is I think I can come shall try very hard any way.

Will you go with me if you will meet me at the Sherman House at 7.15 but if I am not there at that time wait for me in the waiting room till 8 o’clock.  And if you are not there when I come I’ll wait for you till 8 and perhaps I’ll come up to the house and see what’s the matter if you don’t show up by 8.  I suppose I should come to the back door.  Well I will come there any way.  But come to the S.H. if you can Alice.  Of course I can’t say for sure I’ll be there but I shall if I possibly can.  I

I come tomorrow eve because it is your day off and I know you can go if you haven’t another engagement.

I expect at least a full page in the letter I am to get tomorrow from you. 


although you will do well if you get half a page written for I have several letters from you which are short and not so sweet as they might be.

I haven’t any news to tell because I haven’t seen any one.

This morning when I was combing my hair ( for I do comb it sometimes) pa says “You wouldn’t have thought of parting hour hair in the middle if I hadn’t asked you not to.”  And latter on when we were drawing in hay I began talking about studying law and he said, :when I want you to do a thin you won’t but when I give it up you want to.”  You know he wanted me to study law a year os so ago but I didn’t know then for sure as I would like to.  But you decided that question for me.  Well I guess I had better retire or rip + tear so that I’ll be awake tomorrow night if I can go. 

                From your own true lover

Wednesday morning.  Alice, Will be there sure tonight.  A.F.C.


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