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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Diana & Jennifer (Again)

One year after Diana and Bill were married they moved to California.  I insisted on driving cross country with them.  That is worded correctly, I totally invited myself into their jammed packed, wee little Saturn.   We had the best of times; we had the worst of times.  Mostly it was fabulous. 

In Denver, we saw Diana's best friend from school, Joanie, and bought "fancy" (in some circles I'm sure) vintage clothes in a charity shop to wear at Diana and Bill's 1st anniversary--vow renewal extravaganza.  Since the first anniversary is paper Diana thought it would be great to make her gift a Las Vegas wedding certificate.  Clearly, she married the right man because Bill was totally on board.

So, there we were in some Vegas chapel (she'll remember the name, of course) re-enacting their year-old marriage.  Bill and Diana couldn't stop laughing as the remarried using their private nicknames for each other.  Diana looked gorgeous in her iridescent green/yellow dress and original veil.  My boxy, beaded, orange sherbet sweater really should have had a rethink.  It is too bad you can't see the cowboy boots I am wearing that I picked up in South Dakota.


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