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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Answer is the STRYKERS!

The Question is how are we related to Effie and Asa Reeves?
Effie's father Jasper Stryker

We knew Effie was a cousin of some description and we knew that Asa came to the farm on business with Frank.  When the family visited Aunt Mary in Corydon the other day, I had to figure this was Effie’s mom and tried to sleuth her out that way.  My sister said she was fairly certain Effie was Nora’s cousin so I started searching Babcock leads.  Then with unbelievable luck she found a picture of Effie Stryker Reeves!

Of course!  Nora’s mom was Lydia Stryker who died young but she came from a family of four.  Lydia’s brother Jasper was Effie’s father and is referenced in her letter to Allie (Allen Cass) in the next post.  Ergo Effie is Nora’s first cousin and her parents are Nora’s aunt and uncle.  Woohoo! 

On the very same tree branch, Nora’s cousin Cora Stryker Servis (Effie’s sister) was the mother of Mabel Servis Dysart whom Allen sent his photo to as a valentine and whom our grandmother definitely was named after because I have since found this in her own notes.

I think Effie and Asa were a fabulous looking couple.  I can’t find that they had children but we’re still at the start of this story and frankly, I’m loving watching it unfold.

Sweet Cousin Effie Stryker Reeves

Effie's Husband Asashel (Asa) Reeves
 I believe Asa is sporting an Odd Fellows tie pin!

Editor's Note:   Okay, way too many exclamation points in one post but anyone who has had a Eureka moment with their own genealogy can understand.  But apologies just the same.


  1. No apologies necessary.

    I even *squee* every once in a while...

    Welcome to the Geneabloggers family...

  2. I am digging Asa's mustache. I showed it to my husband and asked him if he could give one like that a try. He fell out of his LazyBoy he was laughing so hard. Still, it is wonderful to see these faces staring at me from my computer. I wonder what they were thinking when these photos were taken. I am not surprised that our Grandmother Lucas was named after Mable Dysart. They were so close and cared so much about each other. Somewhere I have a baby picture of Mable Dysart. I need an army to help me sort and scan. Lots more goodies on the way.

  3. dee-burris--love your blog! I admit I had to look up squee but am now fully on board with the lingo now. I really like how you tagged all the names you mention. That is my eventual hope too. But as my sister says in the previous comment we need an army to do this right.