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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Day in the Life: January 4th

(Aged 14)
Wea.  Cold                                    SAT. JAN. 4, 1896                            Ther.

Mr Maxwell came down to borrow some bags.  I stayed at home all day.  The wind blew very hard.

(Aged 16)
Wea.  Sunny                                 TUE. JAN. 4, 1898                           Ther. 34

Went to school got a picture of our room cost $.25  Geo. Walters is drawing cherry to Flaconer drew $10.87 worth today.  Pa, Ma + Rollie went up to Ed Harringtons this evening.

(Aged 17)
Wea.    Cloudy                               WED. JAN. 4, 1899                        Ther.  38

Got up at 5:30 and done my chores.  Started for school at 8 oclock.  Mary Thorton + Myrtle Smith rode down to school with me.  I had to drive old Tom for Pa used Topsie to go up to Henry Scotts to make out his pension papers.  Marion Bingham rode up with me from school  Mrs. Maxwell + Mrs Bragg were down here and stayed all the P.M.

(Aged 18)
Wea.                                               THUR. JAN. 4, 1900                      Ther.

Drew 4 loads of manure from the other place.  In P.M. Pa and Jud Grover went down to Andrew Bragg’s to look at a cow.

(Aged 19)
Wea.                                               FRI. JAN. 4, 1901                          Ther.

Drew a load of wood for us and one for grandma.  Pa made out pensions.

(Aged 20)
Wea.                                              SAT.  JAN.  4, 1902                         Ther.

Ray + I went over and got the 5 cows I bot (sic) cost $97.00  Got home about 4:30.

(Aged 21)
Wea.                                              SUN.  JAN.  4, 1903                        Ther.

Stayed at home all day and did chores.

(Aged 22)
Wea.                                                MON. JAN. 4, 1904                      Ther.

Stayed and helped Alice in the A.M.  In P.M. went up to farm and got a load of hay.


Editor's Note:  Looking at the 1899 entry one would think Allen was a bit of a catch since three girls in one day sought his company.  Mary, Myrtle and Marion certainly seemed to be setting their caps at him though he does not express any unusual regard in return.  Pure conjecture on my part but he was extremely eligible.

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