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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day in the Life: January 3rd

(Age 14)
Wea. Cold                                    FRI. JAN. 3, 1896                          Ther.

I threw one load of wood in the shed.   It is very cold and the wind blows hard.  In the evening Pa and Ma went up to Mr. Maxwells.  Rollie + I stayed at home.

(Age 16)
Wea. Snowy                                MON. JAN. 3, 1898                       Ther. 25

Went to school.  The boys gave Prof. Raynor an  Odd Fellows watch chain.  After school went + saw Frank Warn + Florence Coeberg off for Fredonia where they are going to school.  I am trying to learn to play on the organ.  My throat is a little sore.

(Age 17)
Wea. Cloudy                                TUE. JAN. 3, 1899                    Ther. warm

Got up a 5:20 A.M and done my chores got ready for school at 7:30 when I got there I blew up the football and we had a game before school and another at noon.  After school I took a summons over to C.F. Myers.

Among the mail was a package for me containing a photo of my cousin Mable Servis it looks natural but I wish I could see her too.

In eve read stories.  Rollie went over to Essa Thayer’s and Royal came home with him.    Ma and Rollie went up to Mr. Maxwells.  France Long rode up with me from school.

(Age 18)
Wea.                                              WED.  JAN. 3, 1900                      Ther.

Stayed at home all day.  Drew a load of corns stalks + one of wood.  Pa + Rollie went up to Ivory.

(Age 19)
Wea.                                              THUR. JAN. 3, 1901                     Ther.

Alice and I went to Jamestown and we had our pictures taken.
Alice and Allen's Wedding Portrait

(Age 20)
Wea.                                               FRI. JAN. 3, 1902                         Ther.

Stayed at home all day.

(Age 21)
Wea.                                              SAT. JAN. 3, 1903                          Ther.

Went to the factory and Dave cut wood in morning.  In afternoon he went home to spend Sunday.  I did the chores at night.  I re’cd a letter from Philadelphia.

(Age 22)
Wea.                                              SUN. JAN. 3, 190                           Ther.

Stayed at home.


Editor's Note:  In case you are wondering "Thaddeus of Warsaw" is historical fiction written by Jane Porter in the 1800s.  It is available on the Gutenberg project.  Above "an odd fellows charm" is referenced.  An odd fellow appears to be a Masonic order.   Given my grandmother's name of Mabel, I have to say that Mabel Servis was a favorite cousin of Allen.  Not sure I can discover the Philadelphia letter author but shall try.  

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  1. Well now we know for sure where Mable got her name. Great Grandpa had a crush on his cousin. Sweetness.