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Sunday, November 4, 2012

But What Do You Really Think?

Louis Anderson Faithful Servant of Curtis Family

Not to cast aspersions on the Curtis Family for they did give Mr. Anderson a burial in their family plot crowned with the above is with the wording of said stone I take umbrage.  

No matter how much pride Mr. Anderson had or had not in his work within the Curtis family, he was more than a servant, he was a human being.  "Faithful" makes him sound like a dog or a geyser.  While being faithful is admirable, would you want it to be the one word that sums up your life? The Curtis family are talking about how they perceived Louis' feelings toward them and not how they felt about him.  Where is the love?  I could think of hundreds of better words to describe the relationship between Louis and the Curtis family if he is in their plot from affection.  Sadly, I fear he is there because of duty. 

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