Satellite Cass Family Reunion

Mary Cass Eccles
Satellite Cass Family Reunion
Tallahassee, Florida May 4, 2012

Yesterday cousin Patsy Eccles and me had a big sit down-box sorting session in a famed Tallahassee eatery. Patsy knew and was known by everyone. Very impressive. We dug into this box that was only slightly organized and found some unbelievable gems. Patsy is the great granddaughter of Mary Cass Eccles who was Frank Smith Cass’ sister. The readers of the Checkered Chicken will recognize Frank as Allen Cass’ father. This means that from Judd and Diantha Cass (Frank and Mary’s parents) back we have all common ancestors.

The impromptu reunion finally answered the question I have had in my heart since I was little child at my Grandma Mable Cass Lucas’ knee: Who is gonna care about this except Jenny and me? Well the answer is PATSY!!!!!!

The result of our meeting was the decision to forget more sight seeing adventures that Patsy had planned for us and just order in lunch, spread the Cass archives all around the swanky hotel room Patsy has me staying at and start connecting our own dots. Patsy found an amazing amount of loot from her trip north several years ago to Chautauqua County. Readers of the Checkered Chicken will be pleased to know that Patsy found some diary entries belonging to Luella Springer Eccles (Mary’s daughter). Unfortunately the conference I am in Tally for starts tonight and will put an end to our merriment.  A huge shout out to my Grandmother Mabel who kept the papers and research in impeccable order. I love seeing her original handwritten notes in the margins of her research.  



  1. You have some really wonderful stuff here, been enjoying the reads .
    very distant ,ron cass


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