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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Victorian Women & Their Bling: Josephine (Jo)

Josephine (Jo)-- the son her father never had.  Jo is the complete opposite of Kitty.  Jo has no interest in frilly collars or covered buttons and she’d happily cut all her hair short if she could.  But she can’t, so she styles it as no-nonsense as humanly possible given the parameters for feminine, Victorian hair.  Her bangs are so widely cut with a hint of side burn that you almost don’t notice there actually is a tight knot of the rest of her hair in the back.

Her neck pin is as modest as her personal style.  Fashion dictates a pin to fasten her top tight but Jo can make it as utilitarian as she likes and she does.  Small and tasteful--completely adequate to the job.

It could have some diamond chips but it is just as likely to have only an etched motif.

Jo was kind and sharp witted.  She never met her match but was not bothered in the least.  She took care of her parents in their old age and was a superbly doting aunt to her sister’s seven children.


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