Talking Plain

George is getting frustrated stuck in Buffalo and depending on Ella back at home.

February 24

Ella i am going to talk plain talk it seems as the the way you rote you did not intend to get any one to doe the chores well you get frank wakeman to tend to the horses if you can i will pay him for his trouble when i can mak the money now bi god if you don’t hear to what i say you can go to hel if you cant get frank Wakeman get frank Hodge or some one else i wont have you round the horses i dont now what your father thought of leaving the horses for you to tend to that is all mind what i say from

Geo Burns

page 2

Ella tel Wall Fenner that i got a rgesterd leter of him was 25 dollars in it many thanks. 

Omer can tell him or mart.  Omer there is lots of rats here if you was here you could catch anuf for a good soup.  Ella i want who ever tends to the horses to lead them all to water 2 a day so they can have exercise now remember what i have said all through this leter and you will please your ugly Husband when a paper comes send it don’t wait for two paper to send.  if it comes Saturday Send it monday.

(off to the side in the margin maybe written by Anna)

george has to put his stub in a sling when he stands up make one of his scarf.


Thoughts:  I really feel badly for George.  How frustrating to be recuperating miles from home and dependent on others to keep his farm going.  There's no telephone, certainly no e-mail and there was the standard day's delay on each part of the conversation.  He is so angry with Ella on the first page and then casually changes his tone even being sweet with a message about rats to Omer.  When he calls himself ugly is it because he was rough at the start or because he feels ugly now?  I find everyone very matter of fact about the leg amputation.  No one really mentions it except George when he was worried about a boil and even in this letter it literally is an aside.  What sort of physical therapy is he undergoing?  How is he preparing to return to his life?  What professional support is he getting.  You just get on with it, oh and make a sling for his stub with his scarf.



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