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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Background

Like his eldest son, George Burns' father was also named Alvah.  It seems Alvah the elder lived a large part of his life in Marcellus, NY.  Marcellus is a beautiful old town just outside of Syracuse.  My maternal grandfather lived there and is buried there.

But I digress, at some point Alvah moved west to Sinclairville.  I don't know what brought him there but his wife Anna Link lived there and came from a large family.  I have a journal in which they both have written--Alvah when he was young and Anna after his death.  I haven't found out when he did die but he was no longer living in 1880 when George lost his leg.  I totally forgot I had the following and in a mad clean up I just found it again.  In 1830 Alvah the elder was made a corporal in the New York State Militia by Col. Eurell in Skaneatles, NY  (that is pronounced Skinny Atlas for the uninitiated.)

I have to say it's pretty cool.


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