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Monday, June 13, 2011

Found and Lost

A Day in the Life: June 13th

(Aged 14)

Wea.                                           SAT. JUNE 13 1896               Ther.

Went up to Catlin’s Mill after some battens for the barn.  When I got home I helped board up the barn.  Went to the burg when I went up to Catlin’s Mill + found a lock to a P.O. Box, a penny  + a cartridge all where the post office stood.

(Aged 16)
Wea.                                             MON. JUNE 13 1898               Ther.

Went to the burg to try examination in Adv. English.

(Aged 17)

Wea.                                             TUE. JUNE 13 1899               Ther.

Rode my wheel to school had examination in Civics in P.M.  In A.M. cut finish on the old place.  Got a letter from Mable Servis.

(Aged 18)
Wea.                                              WED. JUNE 13 1900                 Ther.

Went to factory then got Henry Harrington’s scraper.  Wrote a letter to Alice.  In P.M. caught a young crow and helped hunt up one of Wygrene’s cows.  Some one stole $5 out of Ma’s pocket book yesterday or the day before.

A US five dollar bill from 1900.

(Aged 19)
Wea.                                              THU. JUNE 13 1901                Ther.

Worked on the wall.  Mason lost 1 1/2 hours.

(Aged 20)
Wea.                                               FRI.  JUNE 13 1902             Ther.

Gail planted corn.  I went over to Bornon (?) traded horses with Arnie Shaw.  Lost 3 calves.

(Aged 21)

Wea.                                              SAT.  JUNE 13 1903                  Ther.

John went to Onoville.  Alice + I went up and got Lucy Thayer.


Editor's Note: What treasure amongst the ruins:  a penny, a lock and a cartridge (presumably for a gun).

None too pleased it took Allen more than 24 hours to return Alice's letter.  I wonder why there was no entry for yesterday in 1900 and no explanation.  And Nora seems to be the victim of crime more than she should.  If you recall, her cape was stolen from the carriage when she and Allen went up to Jamestown back around March/April.

Again with the horse trading and Arnie Shaw.  What gives?

In 1903, I believe Lucy Thayer is the 19 year-old girl who lives next door to Valley Gate.  I think Allen and Alice are employing her to help Alice through the impending delivery of her second baby. 


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