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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Reunions and Cemeteries and Cupcakes, Oh My!


I’m fat like a bloated tick from two week’s worth of trips to Green Hills Farms and the Ecklof Bakery.  My mind is swirling with new information and ideas of how my research should proceed.  And my heart has recharged from all the wonderful and generous friends I have met again or have finally met in person on this trip.   I’m lucky, happy and looking forward to sharing more history.

The first reunion was in Syracuse  with my HS friends.  It's only been 30 years so we all still look pretty damn good.  

I never had any interest in HS reunions before Facebook.  They just seemed forced and competitive by nature. Movies suggested them as the perfect venue for the once mighty to fall and the meek and geeky to rise. 
My love/hate relationship with Syracuse made it easy to just think I'd never go back.  No mom, no childhood home--and all the drama associated with feeling adrift in what was once my harbor made that the simplest choice.  

But then Facebook brought so many people back into my life and through the years the cream once again rose.  This is the second time, I've gone back just to spend an afternoon with these friends. And this time an extra night out on the town that is at once familiar and foreign to me. 

It was so much fun to hang with our adult versions while we laughed at the kids we once were. We've decided since we're getting older we shouldn't wait for every 5 years
 We thought it would be nice to travel around every few years and have one of us host a weekend.  I'm up for the first in summer 2016.  Sounds great to me.